Trust Evaluations

Life Insurance Trust Evaluations

Trustee Administered Life Insurance Policy Evaluation Services

The DFS Group LLC, in Dallas, TX, along with Davis Financial Services Holding Incorporated, d/b/a Davis Life and Annuity, in Des Moines, IA, handle policy evaluations and recommendations directly with you and your Trustees at NO COST.
Over the years, we have helped Trustees:
  • Extend the life of the policy for their Grantors.
  • Recognize any possible underfunding of the current policy.
  • Save the Grantor money on premiums and/or create higher death benefits for current premiums paid using a comparative market analysis.
  • Fulfill the Trustee's fiduciary responsibility of keeping the Grantor satisfied with the service they expect from their Trustee.

Why Is This Process Needed?

Over the years we have found that many life insurance policies are underfunded or are no longer competitive with the current market rates due to lower interest rates. Not all policies will have issues and for those that don’t have any, we will let you know that they are in good standing with no further action needed at present.

What Happens If A Policy Is Underfunded?

Many policies that have been in-force for several years have been underfunded due to lower interest rates, thus depleting the cash value in the policy. Many times the Trustee and Grantor are unaware of this and keep paying the same premium, not knowing that the payment being made is underfunding the policy. The underfunded life insurance policy loses the longevity it was originally intended to have possibly causing the policy to lapse before the Grantor dies.

The Legal Advantage For The Trustee

Trustees have also used this process to their own legal advantage. The Trustee can be held liable if the policy lapses under their control. This process allows the Trustee to inform the Grantor that there is a possible issue with the policy, allowing the Trustee to give written notification that they have noticed the policy could lapse, and action needs to be taken. This documentation helps when a Beneficiary approaches the Trustee after the Grantor dies, questioning why they're not being paid a death benefit when the Grantor had a policy in place for that purpose.

Why Is The Current Policy Not Competitive?

Over the past few years, lower interest rates, modern medical discoveries, and newer policy types being released by the insurance carriers, have created a competitive advantage for the life insurance consumer. An underwriter rating can have a huge effect on how much premium is paid and the amount of death benefit increasing or decreasing for the Grantor. Actuarial and underwriting tables have changed in recent years along with the creation of Indexed Universal Life Insurance, thus creating better rates for most consumers. If the consumer has more money in their pocket that is not going towards premiums, that extra income can be deposited into their financial institution, which in most cases handles the Trustee services for their Life Insurance Trust.

Who We Are?

Davis Financial Services Holding Incorporated, d/b/a Davis Life and Annuity, is based in Des Moines, Iowa, and has been in business for over years. It is family owned by brothers Trent and Jon Davis who are two of the most highly respected gentlemen in the insurance business that have outstanding relationships with most of the top carriers in the U.S. They are a full-service brokerage; Jon is an Actuary, and they also have two in-house underwriters on staff. The DFS Group LLC, is owned by Laura Wimpee who has more than 20 years experience in the financial industry.
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